“I went to see Nick having only tried options recommended by my GP before to help with anger related issues which were then causing depression. These options were surface repairs at best and whilst they did help, it was very short lived and basic. 

Seeing a professional specific to my personal situation and needs is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done to help myself!! 


Rather than the cold clinical environment I had imagined it was like going to the pub with a mate. Very relaxed and enjoyable even, I would learn and take so much away from each session looking forward to the next. 


He’s helped me see and understand so much about myself, gone deeper into everything than I even realised existed. 

He’s helped me go from a point where I felt hopeless and with no way out to being happier than ever. Seeing things as they really are, taking everything in my stride and understanding more than ever through a whole range of methods. 


To look back and see the journey I’ve been on with him, to see the change within myself and how I am to others is nothing short of amazing. 


I can’t recommend him enough, his non judgemental straight to the point yet very friendly approach is something I’ll never forget and I'm thankful every day for. “


"I had tried different types of therapy before with little success.  Nicholas’s honest, straightforward and non judgmental approach coupled with genuine care allowed me to explore and accept aspects of myself that were previously too painful to acknowledge.  He encouraged me to take control of my life by making good decisions and persevering when things got difficult. I now feel calm and at peace, from that I found happiness.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nicholas as a therapist; it was the best decision I made." 


"What can I say? Right from the start I was put at ease and allowed to take things at my pace, while been cleverly guided by Nicholas. I was always left with at least one question or suggestion hanging in the balance for me to workout before the next session. I found this invaluable in giving me the power and confidence to work things out myself (under guidance).

As a man I found it easier to talk about emotional things in a more relaxed atmosphere. (More like chewing the fat with a friend, at times).

It is very easy to loose track of your life and go along with what you have become accustomed to. Thanks Nicholas for helping me put my life back on the right track, and most importantly allowing me to feel better about myself."


"Nicholas has helped me tremendously over the last year or so dealing with various  issues.  I still go to sessions even when it is not really needed, just for a general download or to get guidance in any instance.

He is determined to help you through the problems which you face in a tactful, methodical approach. Confidentiality is paramount with Nicholas, no phones, no notes, just genuine one to one therapy.

He doesn’t judge and even in times where there seems no hope, we manage to come out with a positive after every session”


“Nicholas Reid was an understanding, patient, and insightful support to me, when there had been a build up of difficult events in life.


Nicholas has helped me to gain the confidence to move forward, and to understand myself better.


The therapy has been invaluable for me. I would return in the future for support, and I would highly recommend Nicholas Reid, and the Oakdale Centre to anyone in need of support.”


“Thanks Nicholas for talking to both my son and to me about the difficulties in our lives, worsened as


well by the time of being in lockdown and a change of circumstances with me becoming a double carer to


my son and now to my mother.  There never seemed to be a moment free for myself but you have taught


me to learn how to take some time back to do what I want to do, even if it’s just reading a magazine or book


for a short while in an evening.”


"I found Nick to be v incisive and engaging . He quickly got to the heart of the matter and was able to guide me on a different path and see more clearly. 

He made it easy to talk and open up and did not judge but offered actionable solutions to unblock the thoughts I was struggling with." 


"Nicholas helped massively in handling issues in my life that left me feeling trapped and low. Today much of the confidence I have can definitely be traced back to the difficult and open conversations we had and the habits he helped me to integrate. Thank you Nick."


"I can recommend Nic, to anyone who feels they may need support in life. I think we all do some times. I have 2 boys, and a couple of years ago one of them became very unwell, their mental health deteriorated to a situation that put him in a mental hospital.


This put a lot of stress on all of the family, it was a difficult time, in particular for my other boy who began to take more drugs. In fact he became  addicted  to many things. It was very hard to get through to a young man in that emotional state as his mother. He was aggressive and very hurt,  it was beyond worrying to watch him deteriorate. Thankfully he agreed to Nics help.


 As a single parent you can feel alone in times like this, so I booked in to see him too,  he stepped in and supported us all. My younger son came out of hospital and also went to see him to help rebuild his confidence and life. 


We got through it all and we are all so much stronger now, so I would recommend his work for any issue big or small. 


I feel happy knowing if anything ever happened to me, My Boys have another Rock, in Nics support, someone who they both perhaps look to as the father figure they didn't have. 


I'd also advise people to act on any signs of extreme behaviour at the first signs,  catch it early, as things can deteriorate fast as I saw first hand, and its heartbreaking to go through. 


 Thankfully my grown up children are now living happy fulfilling lives, they are well,  positive and clean living, I'm not sure how different  things could have been, if they hadn't worked weekly with Nic, so I'm eternally grateful for his support to myself and my family.


My life feels like a blessing, I learnt more than ever that life has lessons, tests and big exams, and some times we all need  support and help through the issues, as you can grow from them, however hard it seems, it's not a weakness to reach out for help. 


I will always be thankful that my family have Nic in their lives, they still see him when they want, to stay on track." 



I am sure like many people I attended my first sessions with with a little trepidation.
Once I had my first couple of sessions I knew that I was benefiting from talking openly and honestly to a complete professional stranger.

I can not recommend enough the benefits of talking to a professional therapist who helped immensely in reducing my stress levels and helped me in dealing with daily life.